The Senate Program

Calling all JCI Senators…

Our COC have been hard at work putting together what is set to be the Senate Program of the decade!

We have two action packed days ahead of you and whilst we can’t divulge all the facts just yet… we can guarantee you a great weekend!

What can you expect?

Guided Tour, Saturday

Belfast is home to some of the most amazing trails and gardens in Northern Ireland, each location is stacked with history, beauty and awe.

All that walking will surely make you Thirsty?

Our COC team have had the pain staking task of testing every local watering hole to find the very best Pints, Gins and Irish Whiskey.

The Senate Breakfast, Sunday

Finish the weekend off in style with the traditional Steak & Champagne Breakfast (still trying to comprehend how that became a tradition) or indulge in a proper Ulster Fry!

If your a JCI Senator unable to attend but wanting to contribute with a sponsorship opportunity then please get in touch with our COC team. Similarly if you are able to attend and wish to assist with area’s of the Senate program we also welcome that.

Seen Enough?

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