Non-Member Guide to a JCI Convention

Junior Chamber International (JCI) is a global organisation split into geographical regions (Europe, APEC, USA, etc..) and then again by Country (UK, Ireland, etc…) and finally by ‘Local Chamber’.

JCI Belfast is a ‘Local Chamber’ within the region of ‘JCI UK’ and each year one Local Chamber takes a turn at hosting the National Convention. This year’s National Convention is in Belfast where we will be joined by JCI Members from all over the UK but also JCI Members from Europe and World.

The National Convention gives JCI Members an opportunity to meet up in mass numbers once a year, celebrate achievements, take part in competitions, further personal development and experience new experiences. All of these objectives help empower our members to reach new heights in everyday life.

At each National Convention we hold a Gala Dinner where the primary function is to bid farewell to the outgoing National President and welcome the incoming. We also use this opportunity to hold our annual Awards Ceremony. Traditionally a non-member wouldn’t attend this dinner unless by way of invitation from within JCI or by a Sponsor but we’re a friendly bunch so by all means dive in!

Our COC are working hard to ensure both members and non-members get maximum benefit from this years National Convention and we hope you can join us there!

To read more about the convention, speakers and workshops click here.

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